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Author of M/M Romance Novels

New Story

I was at work last night, talking to my co-worker Dillon and he’s asking me when he gets to be a character in a book of mine. I started to think about it and while I worked, an entire new plot line built in my head. So I’ve started writing a new book while the inspiration hit me. He thinks I’m a genius, I think he just hit me with the request at the exact right time. I’ve already written the first two chapters of it and I don’t think this one is going to be super long but I’m hoping to crank it out soon while the ideas are in my head. I know there are many of you waiting impatiently for Riley and Donny’s story but I’ve got to go where the inspiration hits me. I really hope you all will like Dillon, he’s a lost soul and needs to find his place in the world. I’m trying to help him get there! 🙂 Here’s the tentative first paragraph: “Happy fucking birthday to me,” I mumbled to myself as I looked around the crowded bus, trying to locate a row of seats that were both open but finding none at all. Most of the people appeared grumpy, because we all know a Greyhound bus is never a fun place to be, and it appeared to be unlikely that I would find someone to who looked open to having me sit by them. I was used to not being wanted.   This is the picture inspiration for Dillon. Dillon Inspiration


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One thought on “New Story

  1. <3.. You have me interested!! Keep me informed about this one.. He's a cutie!! ❤

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