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Holding on to Hope by Sid Love

Hey guys! So my new, really awesome friend, Sid Love, has a book being released today!! You can buy it at Dreamspinner Press and it’s on sale during their Valentine’s Day sale for 25% off!! It’s a great little short, story with supernatural elements!! I had the pleasure of reading it a little early and here is my review for it! I really hope you guys check it out and show Sid some love on his debut novella!

From Goodreads:

Sid Love has created a world with characters and supernatural elements that make you like them immediately.

This isn’t a long book but the characters pack a punch and the emotions that the author evoke in you makes you care very, nearly instantly for Brad and Leslie. You see just how much Brad wants to remember the mystery guy that stole his heart, that meant something to him but he just couldn’t remember much at all. He drags his best friend Leslie to their mutual friend Ian’s in order to see if they can find out all the details.

What they don’t know is that by the end of that night, Brad will be in mortal danger and their is only one person who can save him. Ronan, his mystery man.

This book take vampires and puts them back where they mostly belong, as the bad guys who feed on humans and evoke no sympathy from the human population but also introduces a half breed called dhampirs with powers and strength that help them hunt their supernatural counterparts.

Sid writes this beautifully, with details that pop off the page and very real emotion that you can feel between the various characters. You see exactly how much these two boys mean to each other by the end of the book and the title, Holding on to Hope, really comes into play then.

This has been left wide open for a sequel, which I do believe I’ve read something about. I can’t wait for more from this super talented young author that I am proud to call a friend. Great job on creating this fabulous world Sid!


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