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Author of M/M Romance Novels

Wow! I really Suck!

Hey guys! 

It’s been far too long since the last time I posted. I have no excuses. I’m sorry I suck!

Finding Home is DONE! It’s been through the pre-readers, the beta readers, my personal edits, and is now with Cool Beans Editing for it’s final copy edit. I’m so excited to be working with these ladies at CBE… they are fabulous and I highly recommend them!

I’m hoping to have the book done and ready to publish within the week but I’ll also be on vacation so that depends on how my week goes! 

Have you all seen the cover? I did a cover reveal on Sid Love’s blog (recently renamed) back in March and I got a lot of great comments on the cover and blurb! Garrett Leigh nailed it again! I’m so lucky to be able to have snagged her as my cover artist!

Here is the cover for anyone who might not have seen it yet: 




For Dillon Turner, home was never a place that meant anything to him. It was simply where he lived until he was old enough to leave. The day he turns eighteen, he boards a Greyhound bus and leaves Chicago behind for what he hopes will be something better.

Upon arrival in Omaha, an unexpected streak of good luck leads him to Banks Motel where he meets sexy tattoo artist Adam Banks. A belated birthday celebration is just the beginning for them, and Adam easily infiltrates the protective wall Dillon has built around his heart and becomes the center of Dillon’s world. Adam and the Banks family take Dillon in as one of their own, and Dillon finds he’s never been happier in his life.

That is until becoming a part of someone’s family proves to be harder than Dillon thought. When caring about other people makes him more vulnerable than he can handle, Dillon’s first instinct is to run. Throw in a meddling ex-boyfriend and it all becomes too much for him.

Can Adam prove that the positives far outweigh the negatives, or will Dillon let his fear of being hurt ruin his chances at finding a real home?


What do you think? I’ll be doing some giveaways as soon as I publish and I’ll definitely let you know when I do! I’ve got a couple of guest posts coming up. One will be on Mercy Celeste’s Summer Book Bash on the 12th and I have a Hat Party Interview with Raine O’Tierney after Finding Home publishes!

Well, that’s about all the updates I have for you that I can remember. 





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